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Start Your Journey to Financial Literacy Today!

Our products and services provide simple and easy ways to learn how to improve your current financial situation. If you are ready to take action, we are ready to help!

D.Hill Solutions

#1 Customer Preferred Financial Education Firm. 

D. Hill Solutions is a financial education and consulting firm specializing in personal credit, budgeting and more. 

Changing the path of your financial journey just by increasing your knowledge, understanding, and habits can give you access to a new life you never dreamed of. 

We help provide you convenience, more time with your family, and avoidance of spending money on costly mistakes by hiring professionals like us. 

We know how many doors will begin to open for consumers with good credit and positive financial habits, which is why we equip our clients with those tools and more to help them build generational wealth.

Our company is built on honesty and integrity. We work hard to provide the best possible customer experience for our customers. 

Are you ready to stop living in a state of financial anguish all of the time? Are you ready to put you and your family in a better financial situation? Then clink the button below and let's get started. We would love to help you through this journey. 

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Collections Dispute Essentials Kit

Includes directions for disputing a collection account as well as the letters that you will need to send. 

Can be used for ANY type of collection account. So if you are struggling with collections this is for you!


Results may vary. 

Meet LaShanae' Wallace

LaShanae' graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology and she also graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a Masters of Science in Management. 

LaShanae is a Certified Credit Consultant and a Certified Credit Counselor

She has been in the credit industry over 7 years after having to repair her own credit and starting a career as a debt collector for a mortgage company. 

LaShanae knows first hand how it feels to suffer with the lack of credit and financial knowledge, has had to repair her own credit and has helped countless others do the same.

D. Hill Solutions was created by LaShanae because she saw a lack of trustworthy credit and financial educational resources in her community and she wanted to do something about it.

LaShanae is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with everyone in her community that is looking to make a change in their financial situation. 


See what our customers are saying about us.

We are unlike any other credit consulting company because we pride ourselves in making sure that our clients have the BEST possible customer experience when working with us. 

"It's a different feeling when no matter where you are in life (credit wise) LaShanae with D. Hill Solutions, makes you feel as if you are still in control. Very detailed, excellent response time and most of all she trains you for the future of your finances. Top tier service!!!!"

Harold Franklin Jr. 

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