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How it Works

We are not just a credit consulting company. We provide top tier credit education that promotes better credit decisions and generational wealth building. 


Step 1

The first step on your journey to better credit is a CONSULTATION. During your consultation, a certified credit consultant will discuss with you the most effective and realistic steps necessary to tackle your credit problems.


Step 2

Included in your consultation is an audit of your credit report. An audit includes a line by line thorough review of your credit reports to locate any inaccuracies or questionable items that need to be challenged with the credit bureaus. Once this is complete a personalized plan of action is created for you to help resolve what may be hindering you from achieving your credit goals.

Step 3

Enrollment into our credit readiness program. Our D. Hill Solutions Credit Readiness program is designed to make sure that you are provided with the tools necessary to gain confidence with using credit to leverage the life you want. Our program has an enrollment fee of $159 and a monthly service fee of $99.


Step 4

Our team here at D. Hill Solutions works diligently to challenge questionable items on your credit reports. We are here to fight for you in this journey to reaching financial freedom and credit goals. We communicate with the credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies on your behalf to ensure the accuracy of your credit reports. During this process that normally takes 30-45 days per round, we will provide education for you to begin the better financial habits needed to sustain a positive credit profile. 




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It's time to invest in your  financial future today!

And if we can't get anything removed in 180 days we will give you a refund!

Money back 100% guarantee. Golden icon._edited.png
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