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DIY Credit Audit & Consultation

Are you suffering from bad or less than perfect credit, but cannot afford to hire a company for credit repair and want to try to improve your credit on your own?

This service is for you!!!! 

With this service we will review your credit report, audit it, and consult with you regarding our findings. 

So many people want to improve their credit but do not know where to even begin. Well begin here. 

What's included: 

  • Thorough line by line audit of all 3 credit reports 

  • Identification of any errors on the credit reports 

  • Specialist will identify areas where credit building is necessary and will provide guidance on how to begin

  • Plan of Action report outlining next steps to take with deadlines and objectives 

  • 15 minute consultation with a licensed credit consultant to discuss audit and answer any questions

You will be required to obtain your credit reports and provide them to the agent, or you can use our monitoring service to obtain them for $35.

This service is perfect for anyone who is committed to improving their credit on their own, but needs a starting point. 

If you are ready to start your journey to better credit, click the button below to send us an email. An agent will respond to your inquiry within 72 hours with next steps. 

Price: $75

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